Working a List

Work Lists are a useful collection tool. Below you will see a selection of Work Lists with one particular list selected.

Step 1: To Begin working a Work List of debtors click the “Start Working List” button on Action panel, right click or Icon Bar. This will open up to the first Debtor on your list.

Step 2: Now that the list has been “Started” while working the Debtors you will find a ‘Next Debtor on List’ button on the Action panel. This will allow movement through the debtors on the list without having to jump back to the Work List folder.

Once a debtor has been 'worked', they receive a check by their name in the Work List. To be 'worked', an action must take place while the debtor is displayed on the screen. This could be entry of a note, changing of a demographic field, requesting a letter or updating the next work date and next step. As long as something is updated the debtor will be marked as having been worked.

You can also Sort the 8 specific columns you see on the screen by clicking on the column header.

If you click on Debtor Name it will immediately sort the list alphabetically by Last Name.

Any user can create a Work List. However, once a Work List has been defined and saved, it can only be edited by your System Administrator.

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