Supervisor Work List

Sending a Debtor to a Supervisor

In some cases you may need to escalate a debtor to a supervisor for review. ‘Refer to Supervisor’ provides the method to send a debtor to a supervisor, where the debtor will appear in their work list for review.

Step 1: Open the debtor that you want to send to a supervisor.

Step 2: Click Refer to Supervisor in the Actions panel.


Step 3: Select the supervisor. The collector’s primary supervisor is selected by default. If secondary supervisors are available, you can select the Secondary supervisor radio button, and select them in the window.

Step 4: Type in a reason for the supervisor to review the case, or select a pre-defined reason from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: Pre-defined reasons need to be set up by an administrator. Navigate to Administration > Other > Define Code Types and select the Work List Supervisor Reason menu item. See how to define code types here.

Step 6: Click Save Changes.

Step 7: A dialog box opens, verifying the referral. Click OK to close the dialog box.


Step 8: The debtor now appears in the supervisor’s Work List.


A note is added to the debtor with the reason for the referral.


Sending a Debtor Back to a Collector

After working a debtor referred by a collector, the supervisor can send the debtor back to the original collector. This process occurs in a supervisor’s Work Lists screen.

Step 1: In the Supervisor Work List details pane, right-click the debtor you need to send back and select Send Back To Referring Collector.

Step 2: Click OK in the verification dialog box, confirming the transfer.

The debtor now appears in the original, referring collector’s Work Lists, in the Supervisor Completed Work List.

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