Delete/Print a List

Revenue Results allows a collector to print out a Work List.

Print a Work List

Step 1: Navigate to View > Work List View. The “Work List” view will open.

Step 2: Navigate to Work Lists > Print Work List.

Step 3: Select a Work List from the “Work Lists” pane.

Step 4: If desired, click a column header in the lower “Work List details” pane to resort the list in a different order.

Step 5: Click Print Work List in the Actions panel.

The Work List displays for printing, sorted in the same order as in the Work Lists tab.

Step 6: Click Print to open a print dialog box.

Step 7: In the print dialog box, select your printer and the desired number of copies, and click Print.


Delete a Work List

Step 1: While in the Work Lists folder, highlight the Work List to delete.

Step 2: Navigate to Work Lists > Delete a Work List. This will delete only the Work List you have highlighted.

Step 3: Confirm the Delete Message.

Step 4: The Work List is now gone from your Work List folder.

NOTE: If you delete a Work List that your administrator has defined to work daily, it will appear in your Work Lists the next day. You should only delete your own manually created Work Lists, not the ones defined by your administrator.

To create a Work List to build automatically, talk to your administrator. Click hereto learn about the setup.

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