Create a List

Any user who is granted access can create a manual Work List. A manual Work List can be created anytime and it will include the defined data exactly at that time, it will not rebuild daily. To edit or rebuild a manually created Work List talk to your Administrator.

Step 1: Navigate to Work Lists > Create a Work List

Work List dialog box will appear:

Step 2: Give the Work List a Name and Description. This will display in the Work List folder to reference at a later time.

Step 3: Choose Maximum number to Debtors that are returned on the list. 1000 is the default, 10,000 is the maximum allowed.

Step 4: Choose Days to retain worked status. This will retain the Debtor with a check mark for the specified number of days, to retain your progress throughout the week.

Step 5: Select Collector bin to build Debtors from. A collector will only see the Bins they have access to in this screen.

Step 6: Use Work List types, if that applies

Step 7: Define the Criteria to pull Debtors onto the list

Step 8: Click Create Work List to create the list. A message will pop up, click OK.

Step 9: The Work List will appear in the Work List folder.

***Remember this was a onetime built Work List. To change this Work List you will need to delete it and build it again. If this is a Work List you would like to use daily talk to your Administrator about making this a reoccurring list

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