Using Panels

Using the Interface

The Revenue Results interface is made up of Folders, Tabs, Bars and Menus.

Folders can be accessed by clicking their names at the top of the main work area:
The folders shown here are: Snapshot, Work List, Debtor, and Account.

Tabs are found 'inside' each folder at the bottom left of the main work area. Tabs will change every time you switch folders to provide access to the information in that folder.

The tabs shown here are: Main Information, Contacts/Employment, Pay Plan Details, Notes, Debtor Info, and Ability to Pay.

There are two Bars in the Revenue Results interface, Search and Actions. They are normally found on the left and right sides of the main work area.

The Search Bar looks the same no matter what you are doing in the program. It is available from anywhere in the main area.

The Actions Bar is context sensitive. This means that it changes depending on which Folder you are currently in and the options relate directly to the folder you are working in.

This is the Actions Bar when in the Accounts Folder

This is the Actions Bar when in the Debtors Folder

Actions can also be accessed by Right Clicking on the screen, or on the icon menu at the top of the program.  Active options will vary depending on the folder you are in currently.

Right Click options will look similar to this:

Icon Menu:

Menus Tool Bar is similar to standard Windows menu. The Menus available are: File, Edit, View, Tools, Operations, Work Lists, Reports, Administration and Help.

Pinning and Docking your Panels
The Search Panel, Action Panel and Search Results panel can be docked in various spots on the screen.   Traditional Setup will dock Search on the left, Actions on the right, and Search Results at the bottom.  This will give you the most usable screen space to review folder information.
On each panel you will see a Pin (thumbtack) item
.  This Pin can be used to shrink a panel or keep it open.  
-If the pin looks sideways like this:  
than the panel will shrink off to the side.

-If the pin is straight up like this  the panel will remain open.

Losing your panel?
You might accidently lose your Panel on the screen and you need to get it back.  This happens most often by accidently clicking the small x you see on the Panel.

If you lose your panel to restore it, go to the Menu Bar > View > select a panel.

Select a panel and it will restore on your screen. 

*Occasionally the panel will come back, but it will be a floating box in the middle of your screen.

If this happens you will want to “Dock” it back to one of the sides.  To Dock the panel, right click on the top of the panel and make sure “Dockable” is checked.

Click on the Blue Bar to the top with left mouse, and hold down.  Drag the panel to the side of the screen you would like it to be.  Notice a Box on each side to show where you can dock the panel.  Hover your mouse over that box and release to drop the panel.

The gray outline box will appear on the screen and then release your mouse to drop it in this location.
Use your Pin  to shrink the panel to the side if needed.

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