Tools Menu

The Tools menu provides several options for exiting the system, viewing system logs, and managing passwords.  You can also open the Windows calculator from this menu. 

Topics in this section include:


Lock Application

Lock Application allows you to lock the application without shutting all the way down.  It will save the last window you were on and will temporarily lock it so that a password is required to open the window again.

 Step 1:  Navigate to Tools > Lock Application.


Step 2:  Revenue Results locks immediately, requiring a password to open it again.




Log Out

Log out exits the application entirely.




The Logs menu item contains three logs displaying various system access records, helpful for system security and auditing purposes. You can access the system logs by navigating to Tools > Logs.

Administration Change Log

The Administration Change Log displays the dates, times, and IP addresses from which users with administrative permissions made changes to functionality in Revenue Results. Items such as password and role changes, template modifications, email configurations, and so on are tracked in this log.

This log can display information from the last 30 days, the last six months, or the entire system history.


Security Log

The Security Log displays the dates, times, actions, and IP addresses of users that logged in or out, or altered system information relating to users and user permissions (creating new users, changing passwords, and so on).

This log can display information from the last 30 days, the last six months, or the entire system history.


Server Log Viewer

The Server Log Viewer displays automated activities taking place in Revenue Results, such as work list building, auto forwarding, payment plan updating, workflow processing, and so on. The date, time, user, and organization are all recorded along with the activity.

You can select to display the daily activity for any of the past 30 days, and create reports with selected data from each day.



Change Password

Use Change Password at any time with this option.  Revenue Results does not automatically change your password after a certain number of days, but you can change it.   Passwords are required to be at least 6 characters long with at least 1 number.

 Step 1:  Navigate to Tools > Change Password.



Step 2:  Type in old password and the new password 2 times.  If it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements you will receive an error message

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