Overview of Searching

Revenue Results allows you to search for Debtors, Accounts, Court Info, and Victims. Victim search is available only if the Victim Restitution Module is installed. You can search on a single piece of information (such as last name); or you can search on several different pieces of information at one time (you could search for a certain last name and birth date and social security number).

On the left side of the screen is the Search panel. It looks like this:

To run a search, choose the type (“Debtor”, “Account”, “Court Info”, or “Victim”) and match (“Any Field” or “All Fields”), then pick the field to search on and how to compare it.

The matching options “Any Fields” or “All Fields” compare data in this manner:

  • Any Fieldssearches for matching data in any field, and returns results that match any of the entered fields. Use this search type for a general search.
  • All Fieldsrequires a match in all of the search fields to return results. Use this search type when looking for a very specific piece of information.

Steps to search:

Step 1: Choose either “Debtor” or “Account” from the “Search type” box.

Step 2: Choose either “All Fields” or “Any Field” from the 'Match' box.

Step 3: Choose the criteria to search on from the 'Field' box.

Step 4: Choose how to compare the criteria (For example, choose 'starts with' and then type 'wil'. This returns last names starting with 'wil', like Wilson or Williams). The options for this drop-down item are:

  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Contains
  • Less than
  • Equal to
  • Greater than
  • Not equal to

Step 5: Enter the data you want to search on

NOTE: When you complete step five, another 'Field' area will appear, allowing you to search on multiple criteria if desired.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5  as many times as necessary, and click the “Search” button. Search results display in a window that opens in the lower half of the screen, with debtors displaying in the left pane, and accounts displaying in the right pane. 

Double-click a debtor or account to open up the record. If you double-click an account it will open both the “Debtor” and “Account” folders.

NOTE: Selecting a debtor and striking the “Enter” key on your keyboard will open the debtor’s folder as well.

Click on any column heading in the “Search Results” window to sort the results.

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