Menu Control

Advanced Menu control options allow the user to customize the toolbars and to define keyboard shortcuts.

Any keyboard shortcuts defined are available on a global level for all users.

To Setup Menu Controls:

1. On the Icon Tool bar, click the drop down arrow towards the end

2. You will receive 2 options for Add or Remove buttons> Main Toolbar or Customize

3. Main Toolbar will allow you to add or remove buttons from the icon bar, checkmark the ones to include

4. You can always click the ‘Reset Toolbar’ option to bring all standard menu options back.

Click Customize to create your own toolbars

This allows you to add your own icon bars, maybe a payment tool bar and a work list tool bar

1. Click New to add a new toolbar.

2. In the New Toolbar window, type a name for the toolbar, and click OK.

3. Drag icons to the new Toolbars at the top of the Screen, the Customize box must be open at the time you are dragging the icons.


  4. Click the Keyboard tab to create your own Keyboard shortcuts

For example:

If you want a keyboard shortcut for Correspondence > Define Letters,

1. Click on Correspondence.DefineLetters

2. Put your cursor in the ‘Press Shortcut key’ box and click shortcut keys you want to use such as Ctrl+D

3. Click Assign and the command will be saved


4. Click Close to save this keyboard shortcut

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