Entity Distribution Report

This report lists the distribution of entities configured in your system.


To run the Entity Distribution report:

Step 1:  Navigate to Reports > Entity Distribution.


Step 2:  In the Entity Distribution Report area, do the following:

  • From the Account types list, select the account type(s) to include in this report.
  • From the Line Item codes list, select the line item code(s) to include in this report.

    Note: Click All by a list to select all available options in a button’s respective list, or hold down the Ctrl key while selecting to select multiple list items.

  • To define the date range for this report, do the following:

    • In the Start date field, type or select the starting date for this report.
    • In the End date field, type or select the ending date for this report.
  • From the Date based on drop-down list, do one of the following:

    • To run the report based on the transaction entry date, select Entered Date.
    • To run the report based on the day a transaction was posted, select Post Date.
  • From the Sort by drop-down list, select the field to sort the report by.
  • To only print a summary page, select Summary only.


Step 3:  Click Run Report. The report displays in the lower half of the Report screen.     

Note: If you need to cancel while the report is generating, click Cancel.


Step 4: To view or work with the data in the report, do one of the following:

  • To view the table of contents for the report, or page thumbnails, click the Table of Contents  button.
  • To print the report, click the Print  button and follow the prompts in the Print dialog box.
  • To view details of an account or debtor in the report, click the blue hypertext link for the account number or debtor name.
    Note: The account or debtor details opens in a new tab, so you will not lose your report.
  • To find certain text in the report (like a name or title number), click the Find  button and follow the prompts in the Find dialog box.
  • To view multiple pages at one time, click the Multiple Page View  button and select the number of pages you want to view at one time in the report window.
  • To view the report in a continuously scrolling format, click the Continuous Scroll  button.
  • To view the report a single page at a time, click the Single Page View  button.
  • To zoom in or zoom out on the report, do one of the following:

    • Click the Zoom Out/Zoom In  buttons.
    • Select a zoom level from the Zoom Out/Zoom In drop-down list .

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