Correspondence Payment Report

The Correspondence Payment Report provides you with information you can use to determine how useful a letter is in your collection efforts.
When selecting this report, you are prompted to select which letters to include on the report, as well as the date range to include on the report. You can also select the maximum number of days between the date the letter is sent and the date the payment is received.
The report displays the letter information followed by the payment information, showing each letter sent and the number and amount of payments received.


To run the Correspondence Payment report:

Step 1:  Navigate to Reports > Correspondence > Correspondence Payment.


Step 2:  In the Correspondence Payment Report area, do the following:

  • From the Letters list, select the letter(s) to include in this report.

    Note: Click All by a list to select all available options in a button’s respective list, or hold down the Ctrl key while selecting to select multiple list items.

  • To define the date range for this report, do the following:

    • In the Start date field, type or select the starting date for this report.
    • In the End date field, type or select the ending date for this report.
  • To filter the amount of returned reports, in the max days between letter sent and payment received field, type the maximum number of days to have passed between the sending of a letter and the receipt of payment.
    Note: A setting of zero means that this filter is turned off.


Step 3:  Click Run Report. The report displays in the lower half of the Report screen.     

Note: If you need to cancel while the report is generating, click Cancel.


Step 4: To view or work with the data in the report, do one of the following:

  • To view the table of contents for the report, or page thumbnails, click the Table of Contents  button.
  • To print the report, click the Print  button and follow the prompts in the Print dialog box.
  • To view details of an account or debtor in the report, click the blue hypertext link for the account number or debtor name.
    Note: The account or debtor details opens in a new tab, so you will not lose your report.
  • To find certain text in the report (like a name or title number), click the Find  button and follow the prompts in the Find dialog box.
  • To view multiple pages at one time, click the Multiple Page View  button and select the number of pages you want to view at one time in the report window.
  • To view the report in a continuously scrolling format, click the Continuous Scroll  button.
  • To view the report a single page at a time, click the Single Page View  button.
  • To zoom in or zoom out on the report, do one of the following:

    • Click the Zoom Out/Zoom In  buttons.
    • Select a zoom level from the Zoom Out/Zoom In drop-down list .

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