Collection History

About the report:
The Collection History report provides a breakdown of what is owed for each account type and how much has been collected.

This report can be viewed as a report, or can be viewed in 3 different graphic representations. A description of each of these graphs follows.

Account types chart
The account types chart shows the percentage of the total amount owed that belongs to each account type on the report.

Owing amount chart
The owing amount chart shows the total amount owed for each account type compared to the other account types.

Paid percentages chart
The paid percentages chart shows the percentage of the total amount owed that has been paid for each account type shown.

To run the report:

Step 1: Select the 'Collection History' report Report Menu. 

Step 2: The options for the 'Collection History' report

  • Choose Account Types and Account Status.
  • Choose how you want to see the data displayed. The options are Report (text based), Account types chart, Owing amount chart and Paid percentages chart.

Step 3: Click on Run Report and you will see a message like this.

Step 4:  Sample Reports are shown above

Step 5:  Print the report as necessary.

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