Process Post Hold

Post Hold is a feature to post money to a debtor immediately even though you may not know which account the money should be allocated to yet. This payment will display on your Deposit Reports as money you have received for the day, but it will not be allocated to one of the Debtors accounts until a later time.

To proceed, the Post Hold Option needs to be enabled through the Organization Setup menu.

To process a Post Hold payment:

Step 1: Navigate to the Debtor

Step 2: Click the Enter Payments Action

Step 3: Type the payment amount

Step 4: Select the option for 'Post Hold'

Step 5: Everything will be grayed out under the allocation area because you will not be allocating the payment to the account at this point.

Step 6: Complete the payment details, payment type, document #, Comment, etc.

Step 7: Click Post to save the payment

Step 8: The post hold payment can be seen on the debtor main information in the Debtor Summary Section

And in the notes:

Also, they can be seen on the Deposit Register Report. In the report settings you can choose to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE the Paid Hold Payments

To allocate the Post Hold payment later:

Step 1: Open the Debtor

Step 2: Navigate to Operations > Payment > Process Post Hold

Step 3: Select the payment you wish to process, and click Post.

Step 5: The Enter Payments Screen is launched again. The amount is grayed out so that you cannot change that, but you can now allocate the payment to the appropriate account and/or victims.

Step 6: Allocate the payment as normal and click Post.

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