Enter a Reversal

Entering a Reversal of a Payment can be done for any previously posted payment. Reversals may be done for NSF Checks, Posting Errors, or any other reason. The Reversal will remove the payment from all Payment areas in the application and it will be as if that payment did not happen. History of the reversal will be available in several areas.

Step 1: Open a debtor or choose the Debtors Folder.

Step 2: Click the 'Enter Reversals' button from the Actions Panel. An 'Enter Payment Reversal' dialogue box will pop up.

Step 3: Highlight the Payment you would like to Reverse and notice the accounts that the payment had been applied to.

Step 4: Select the date to Post the Reversal. This will allow you to back date the reversal if necessary and will help the reporting remain accurate.

Step 5: Select a Reversal reason from the drop down list. This will be placed into the notes and available on some reports. The Reversal reason drop down list can be defined in the Administration menu under codes. To learn more about defining codes, click here.

Step 6: *Optional* Click 'Post Reversal and Do Another' to post another Reversal. Use the Search option to select another debtor to post the Reversal for. This can be helpful if you have several reversals to post at one time.

Step 7: Click the 'Post' button to save.

Step 8: Reversal information can be viewed in several areas

View Payment History Report- click on Debtor Actions to access this report

Line Item View on the Account Level:

Financial Transaction Report:

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