Enter an Adjustment

Adjustments are increases or decreases to the balance that are not applied as payments. An adjustment can be applied for many reasons, such as: changes to the original case balance, posting errors, addition of new line items, or fees dismissed by court. Posting an adjustment will reflect in several areas of the debtor and account.

To post an adjustment:

Step 1: Open a debtor account.

Step 2: Click the 'Enter Adjustments' button from the Actions Panel.

The “Enter an adjustment” window will open.

Step 3: Select the posting date by clicking the calendar icon in the pull-down menu. The posting date will affect reports, specifying when the adjustment was posted versus when the adjustment was entered into the system.

Step 4: Select the reason for the adjustment from the 'Reason' pull-down menu. The ‘Reason’ is saved in the notes. Additional reason codes can be defined by your administrator in the codes menu.

Step 5:  Enter any comments into the “Comment:” box. Comments are saved into the notes.

Step 6: Enter your adjustment amount and notice how it Auto Allocates to the Accounts.

NOTE:  To post an adjustment to decrease the balance you need to enter a negative number.

If necessary, manually allocate the adjustments by checking/unchecking the desired “Account/Line item” checkbox. A cleared checkbox means the adjustment won’t apply to the related line item:

Step 7:  You can also click in the “Adjustment (Man.)” field and type in the amount of the line item adjustment. Remember -- if you require a negative adjustment than you will need to enter a negative number in this field.

The system keeps a running total of the amount allocated in the tab at the top of the window. This can be handy when manually entering adjustment amounts.

Note: If you click ‘Post’ when the manually entered amounts don’t total the required adjustment amount, the system will alert with an error similar to this:

Step 7a: Alternately, you can add a new line item to apply this adjustment. To do this, click 'Add new line item'.

A new dialogue box opens:

Step 7b: Select the account this new line item applies to from the pull-down menu.

Step 7c: Select the line item type from the pull-down menu to dictate the type of adjustment that you are posting.

Step 7d: Fill in the “Reference 1” field.  The “Reference 1” field is the reference number for the line item. Use this when adding an additional line item for a line item that already exists. The “Reference 1” field differentiates between the duplicate line item types.

Step 7e: Click the down-arrow in the “Incurred date” pull-down menu and select the date from the calendar.

Step 7f: Enter the amount of the adjustment for the line item.

Step 7g: Enter a description of the line item adjustment, if desired.

Step 7h: Click 'OK'.

You will see the new line item added to the list:

Step 8: Click on the “+” icon to expand the “New Line Item Charged Amt (Off)” menu item to make the “Apply new line items to charged amount” checkbox appear.

Step 9: If desired, select “Apply new line items to charged amount” to apply the new adjustment to the original charged amount. Any portion of the adjustment that is a new line item will increase/decrease the original charged amount of the account.

Step 10: Verify that the adjustment is entered correctly, that the balances match, and click “Post”. The adjustment is now applied.

            NOTE: Instead of posting the payment, you can:

  • Click “Post and Do Another” to post a second adjustment immediately.
  • Click “Search Debtors” to search for accounts that you can link to this account. By linking the accounts, the adjustments from the external account will appear in the current account’s adjustments.

Step 11: To view the adjustments, you can:

View the Account Summary in the debtor information screen:

View the notes for the debtor to see adjustment amounts and history:

  • Click on the “Notes” tab at the bottom of the debtor information screen

  • View the notes with the adjustment information

View the financial transactions to see the line items, amounts and comments:

  • Click on the “Financial Transactions” tab at the bottom of the debtor information screen

  • View the line items and historical information

Reports, such as the Debtor Information Report:

  • Click “Print Debtor Info” in the Actions panel.

  • The debtor info report opens in a new window, and you can view the adjustment details in the note lines.

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