There are several payment options within Revenue Results.  You can manually enter Payments, Adjustments and Reversals to the system.  Automatic imports can also be added for all payment types as well.  To learn more about Import of payments, click here.

Entering Payments
Payments will decrease the Debtor’s balance.  Payments can be accepted for various types such as Cash, Check, CC.  The payments can be manually allocated to various accounts, or you can define Payment allocation rules to do this automatically.

Payment Reversals
If a payment is credited to the wrong account, or if a check is returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), the payment will need to be reversed.

Adjustments are increases or decreases made to the debtor’s balance, but they are not credited as an amount paid. On each account line item there is a line item adjustment amount; this is where adjustments are accumulated. Adjustments can cause an increase or decrease to a particular line item, or they can add a new line item to an account.

Payment History
The complete payment history of a debtor can be viewed by selecting View Payment History from the Operations menu. The payment history shows the date of each payment as well as the amount of the payment and the form of payment (i.e. check, cash, etc.). The history displays the account or accounts the payment was applied to, including each line item. Payment reversals are also shown, they display in red.

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