Edit a Payment Plan

NOTE:  To learn more, watch the video Creating and Changin a Payment Plan.

Editing a payment plan essentially recalculates the full plan with current balance. It will remove all previous details from Payment Plan Details tab and replace with the new data.

Note: The Payment Plan Balance is balance as of today, not original balance when they began the first payment plan. This will start over with new agreement on new balance.


To edit a payment plan:

Step 1: Open a debtor currently on a payment plan.


Step 2: In the Actions panel, click the Payment Plans button.

The Payment Plans window opens. This is the same window as the one to create a Payment Plan.


Step 3: Select the plan you want to edit, and click the Edit Payment Plan  button.

The payment plan details in the lower part of the window can now be edited.


Step 4: Follow all steps as you would when setting up a new Payment Plan. Click here to review Payment Plan creation.

Note: To disable a recurring payment plan fee, select the Do not charge recurring fee checkbox while in edit mode.


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