Create a Payment Plan

NOTE:  To learn more, watch the video Creating and Changing a Payment Plan.

You can create a payment plan to automate the collecting process, allowing a debtor to make a payment on a pre-defined schedule.

This section contains the following topics:


Creating a payment plan

To create a new payment plan:

Step 1: Open a debtor to create a payment plan for.


Step 2: In the Actions panel, click the Payment Plans button.


Step 3: Click the Add  button to add a new plan.


Step 4: Select the checkbox next to the account(s) to include on the plan.


Step 5: Click OK.


Step 6: Select either Payment Amount or Number of payments and enter the amount or number for the plan schedule.

Note: You can edit any payment on the plan by clicking on the Amount Due and typing in a payment amount. You can also edit any due date on the plan by clicking on the Due Date and selecting a new date from the calendar that displays. Doing this automatically selects the Manual Edit checkbox. For example: the Judge orders the all payments at $50, but certain months can be at $30 for hardship reasons. You can set the payment amount to $50 and then edit the required months to $30 and Revenue Results will recalculate it across the payment plan.



Step 7: From the Payment type drop-down list, select the default payment method for this plan.

            Note: This assists in adding any payment fees you may charge into the payment plan schedule. For example if you charge $3 to take a credit card, it will include the $3 for each month in the plan.


Step 8: From the Terms drop-down list, select the payment terms.

Note: Selecting Twice Monthly allows you to select the 2 days per month that payments are due.


Step 9: In the Alt. first payment due date field, type or select the due date for an alternate first payment.


Step 10: In the Alt. first payment amount field, type the amount of the alternate first payment.


Step 11: To save the payment plan, do one of the following:

  • To save the payment plan, click Save.
  • To save the payment plan and print the agreement letter, click Save and Print Agreement Letter.


Step 12: Click Close.

The plan details display on the Payment Plan Details tab on the Debtor Folder.



Viewing payment plan details

To view payment plan details:

This tab displays the information on a payment plan and serves as a reference when reviewing and discussing it with a debtor. View accounts included on the plan, the status of the plan, and the full schedule on this screen.

Step 1: Open a debtor containing a payment plan.


Step 2: Click the Payment Plan Details tab at the bottom of the screen.

Any payment plans assigned to the debtor display in the screen. Selecting a plan in the upper pane displays the scheduled payments and due dates in the lower pane. Delinquent accounts display in red text.

To view the accounts included in a payment plan, do one of the following:

  • Click the Expand button in the Name column.

  • Click Expand All to expand all payment plans for a debtor

The payment plans expand, displaying all accounts included in the payment plans.

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