Cancel a Payment Plan

To Cancel a Payment Plan:

This new feature provides the ability to Cancel a plan or basically put it into a Hold state. This might be helpful if you are forwarding the case to an OCA and you will not collect on the plan any longer, but you want to keep it for historical purposes

Step 1: Open the Debtor

Step 2: Select the Payment Plan Action

Step 3: Any payment plans for this debtor will be displayed

Step 4: Highlight the plan you would like to cancel and select the Cancel button

Step 5: Type a Reason for the Cancellation, and click ‘Cancel Payment Plan’.

Step 6: The Status now says Cancelled

Step 7: Click Close to Exit the Payment Plan action box

Step 8: On the Payment Plan Details tab the plan still exists, but the status is now listed as Cancelled

Reactivate the Plan at a later time:

Step 1: Open the Debtor

Step 2: Navigate to the Payment Plan Action

Step 3; Highlight the Cancelled Plan

Step 4: Select the Reactivate button

Step 5: Click Yes to the ‘Are you sure you want to reactive this payment plan?’

Step 6: Plan status will now display as Active

Step 7: Click Close to Exit the Payment plan box

Cancel and Reactivate Payment Plan in Workflow:

Both of these options are available as Actions in a workflow, so you can have this happen automatically when a workflow fires if that is necessary.

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