Stop All Correspondence

“Stop All Correspondence” is an action that stops the current letter series and removes all letters from the queue for the debtor to which the action is applied.

NOTE: Correspondence will automatically stop on any debtor that has a Paid in Full, Closed or Cancelled status. Additionally, a letter will not print for a debtor in the print queue if the debtor is flagged with a bad address.

Stop All Correspondence

Step 1: Open the debtor that you want to stop correspondence on. Verify that you are in the Debtor Folder.

Step 2: Navigate to Operations...Correspondence...Stop All Correspondence.  A “Verify Stop Correspondence” dialog box opens.

Step 3: If you want to prevent future letters from being sent to this debtor, select “Block all future correspondence”. This is an optional setting. If selected and a future attempt is made manually, the user will be told "The debtor has a block in place for all correspondence. Unblock the debtor if you wish to send further correspondence."

Step 4: Click “Yes” to stop correspondence for this debtor and save the setting.  A debtor note is added: "Stop all correspondence set | Future block in place".


Remove A Correspondence Block

Step 1: Open the debtor from which you want to remove the “Stop All Correspondence” block. Verify that you are in the Debtor Folder.

Step 2: Navigate to Operations...Correspondence...Remove Block.  A dialog box confirming the block removal opens.

Step 3: Click “Yes” to unblock the debtor, allowing the sending of letters to the debtor.  The system places notes to the debtor regarding the removal of the block.

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