Print Queued Letters

Any letters scheduled to print at a later time are found in the Print Queue.  Letters can be queued manually by a collector or by the system using an automatic option. Any letters that are generated through a system event such as a workflow are placed into the queue.

Step 1: Click on Operations...Correspondence...Print Queued Letters.

Step 2: All letters and statements are selected by default; and all letters ready to print display in the “Queued items” list.


Step 3: Click  next to any queued letter name to expand the letter and view the debtors queued to print.

Step 4: Select the letters to print by group or individually.

Step 5: If desired, select “Display items in date range” to alter the print queue to only show letters which meet a specific date-based criteria. Leave this box unchecked to print all letters regardless of the date scheduled or created.

Step 6: If desired, select the date criteria for the letters from the drop-down lists, and click “Refresh Queue”. The letters only display in the “Queued items” list if they meet the date range criteria.

Step 7: Click “Change Printer” to change the print location of the selected letters .


Step 8: Select the new printer and click “Save Changes” to print to the new location.

Step 9: To remove letters from the queue, select the desired letters and click “Delete”.

Step 10:  At the confirmation prompt, click “Yes” to delete the letters, or click “No” to cancel the action.

A note is  placed in the debtor’s account that the letter was deleted from the print queue.

Step 11: Click “Refresh Queue” if any changes have been made to view the most current queue settings.

Step 12: To print the selected letter(s), click “Print”.


NOTE: To print the selected letters by the collector ID, click on the “Collector” column header. This will resort the print order, and will print the letters by letter name, then by collector ID.

Step 13: Click “Yes” in the dialog box to print the selected letters, or “No” to cancel the action and go back. Clicking “Yes” displays the print queue window, and the progress of the print job is visible.

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