Mass Letter Request

A mass letter request allows you to select a letter and send it to a large group of debtors at one time. Before you can request the letters, you need to define the attributes that will qualify the debtors or accounts for the letter.

Step 1: Navigate to Operations ...Correspondence ...Mass Letter Request. 


Step 2: Select the desired letter from the list on the left.


Step 3: Define your query parameters to qualify a debtor for this letter. Choose your attributes , comparison, and values.


Step 4: Select “One letter per debtor?” to receive only one letter per debtor regardless of the number of accounts assigned to a debtor. If you leave this unchecked you will receive a letter for each of the debtor’s accounts.

When this option is activated, a second option appears to “Include all qualifying accounts”. This is important if you are using one of the multi-account fields such as <Accounts> or <AccountList>. Checking this will place all of the qualifying accounts onto one letter.


Step 5: Click “Run Query”.


Step 6: Choose “Select All” to send letters to all debtors in the query results; or “Unselect All” to de-select the returned debtors, and then select the debtors individually from the list with the checkbox.

NOTE: Mass letters print in the order they are listed in this query box. You can reorder the list by clicking on the column headings. This will help if you want to print in Debtor number order, name, balance, etc.


Step 7: Select the printer to print to from the “Printer:” drop-down list.

  1. To email the letters, select Email from the Printer drop down list. The Email subject field and From email address drop down menu appear. The default email subject is the selected letter name. The default email address depends on organization settings:
  2. If an organization-specific email account is defined in the Administration > Organization > Correspondence menu, the From email address pull down menu defaults to the organization-specific email address.
  3. If a user has appropriate permissions as defined in the Administration > Organization > Correspondence menu, the user can select their e-mail address if an address is defined in the user setup screen.
  4. If an organization-specific email address is not defined, the From email address populates with the user’s email address.
  5. If an organization-specific email address is not defined, and the user does not have an email account defined in the user setup, then the letter cannot be sent.
  6. Type a new subject into the Email subject box if the subject requires something other than the default.


Step 8: Select Print Now to print the letters now, or Print later to print the letters at a later date. If you choose to print later, select the print date.


Step 9: If wanted, select “Create PDF and attach to debtor” to create the PDF at the time of printing, and click Print. The PDF is created immediately if the “Print now” option is selected, or later if the “Print later” option is selected.

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