Mass Debtor Statement Request

This option allows you to select a letter and send it to a large group of debtors at one time.  Define the attributes that will qualify the debtors or accounts for a letter.

Step 1:  Navigate to Operations < Correspondence < Mass Debtor Statement

The mass statement dialog box will appear:

Step 2: Highlight your statement for this mass request from the statement list on the left.

Step 3: Define your query parameters to qualify a debtor for this statement. Choose your attribute from the drop down list, comparison and values.

Step 4: Check 1 letter per debtor. If you leave this unchecked you will receive a letter for each of the debtor’s accounts, but if you check this you will receive only 1 letter per debtor regardless of the # of accounts.

When this is checked a 2nd option for “Include all Qualifying Accounts”

Step 5: Click Run Query and you will see a list of debtors. Choose Select All or UnSelect All if to select the debtors to print.

****Mass statement will print in the order they are listed in this query box. You can reorder the list by clicking on the column headings. This will help if you want to print in Debtor number order, name, balance, etc.

Step 6: Select Date Range for the Statement

Step 7: Select Print Now to print the statements immediately, or Print later to schedule the statement printing at a later date. 

Step 8: Select a printer from the drop down menu.

Step 9: If wanted, select the ‘Create PDF and attach to debtor’ checkbox to save a PDF of the statement to a debtor’s attachment folder.

Step 10: Click Print.

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