Assign a Letter Series

A Letter Series is a grouping of letters that has been defined by your administrator. For example; the series may send a letter after the debtor is entered and another on 30 days later, then a final notice 30 days after that.

Talk to your administrator to understand how your letter series is defined.

Step 1: Open the debtor that you want to assign a letter series to. Make sure that you are in the Debtors Folder.

Step 2: Click Operations > Correspondence > Assign Letter Series.

Step 3: The 'Assign Letter Series' dialogue box will pop up.

Step 4: Choose the letter series you want to send in the box. Note: Letter series must be set up by your administrator. If you do not see any available Letter Series, you must work with your administrator to create one.

Step 5: Select the account or accounts that you want this letter to apply to.

Step 6: Click the 'Save Changes' button.

Step 7: A notice box will pop up to notify you the Letter Series has been assigned.

Step 8: The Debtor notes will display that a letter series has been assigned also

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