Recall an Account from an Outside Collection Agency

An account that has previously been forwarded to an Outside Collection Agency can later be recalled from the outside agency.  Recalling the account will remove it from forwarding in Revenue Results.

Step 1: Open the debtor to recall.

Step 2: Navigate to Operations > Forwarding > Recall Account(s) from an OCA.  The “Recall Account(s)” window opens.

Step 4: Select “Include in next batch sent to OCA” to include the recall in the recall queue to process at a later time, and clear to process the recall immediately.

Step 5: Select the account to recall, and click “Recall”.

Step 6: Click “Yes” in the “Recall Confirmation” window to confirm the recall.

Please note:

  • If you selected “Include in next batch sent to OCA” then you will still need to process the Queued Recall Accounts. Click hereto see that process.
  • If you cleared “Include in next batch sent to OCA”, then the account will be affected immediately, but not included in the next process file.

Several places now display that an account has been recalled.

  • The “Accounts” pane at the bottom of the Debtor Screen:

    The “Account” screen:

    The “Notes” tab, on the debtor screen:

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