Reassign Collector Bin

Collector bins are designed to organize Debtors into smaller groups.  Collectors can be assigned to work different Bins and their work lists only pull from Debtors in the Bin they are assigned to work.   Occasionally there may be a need to reassign the Debtor to a new Bin.

In the Collector Setup Menu your Administrator may have granted you access to reassign a Debtor to a new bin.  The Administrator can grant access to this option if you do not currently have it.

Step 1:  Navigate to Operations > Debtors > Reassign Collector Bin.  This is also available on the Action Panel.

Step 2:  Reassign Bin dialog Box opens.  Current Bin assignment is displayed.

Step 3:  Select New Bin for the Debtor

Step 4:  Select Reason from drop down box. 

**Reason Drop Down Box is controlled in the Administration menu under Define Code.   To learn more about Defining Codes, click here.

Step 5:  Click OK to save Bin Change

Step 6:  A note is placed on the Debtor explaining who did the Bin Change and the reason.

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