Create a New Debtor

NOTE: To learn more, watch the video Entering a Debtor and an Account.

There are several places to access the New Debtor action including the Icon bar, Right Click or Action Panel.

On the right side of the screen is the Actions Panel.  It looks something like this:

Step 1:      Click the 'New Debtor' button.

Step 2:      Choose the 'Debtor Type' and 'Account Type' from the dropdown menus.  Click 'OK'

Step 3.      Enter all applicable information in the appropriate fields. 


In Organization setup menu, activate the “Zip Code auto fill option”.  When typing an address after you enter Address line 1, TAB will take you to the zip code field.
After you type in the Zip Code the system will auto fill City, State, County, and Country.

Note: At the bottom of this screen is the automatically Matched Debtors area. While you are entering a new debtor on the system, Revenue Results is searching the database to match the information you are entering to a debtor already on the system. When a match is found it displays in the automatically Matched Debtors section of the screen. If one of the debtors that displays is the same person you are entering, double click it and continue entering the information. If there is no correct match, continue entering the information you have.   The score you see is defined by the Debtor Matching Rules, click here to learn more.

Step 4: Click Next once all demographic information is entered

Step 5: Enter Ability to Pay if this option has been activated by your administrator.  In this screen fill in the debtors expenses, assets, and income to determine if they have an Ability to Pay their debt.  Click here to learn how to setup Ability to Pay.

If this doesn’t apply leave blank and Click ‘Next’.

Step 6:  Enter Account information specific account you are adding for this debtor.  Here you can enter Reference ID’s, Interest Information, Status and Description.  Click 'Next'.

Step 6:  Next you will enter the Line Item information.  Enter the Code, Incurred Date, Amount and a Description.  This is the money owed on the account. Click 'Finish'.

***Notice a Line Item total at the bottom that will calculate your total as you enter line items. 

- You will see an option for Use Enhanced Distribution.  This is an optional module that may be installed on your system.  This would allow you to select from a list of predefined line item codes.  To learn more about Enhanced Distribution, click here.

Step 7: Click finish to save. The system will automatically open the debtor you have just saved.

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