Ability to Pay

Ability to Pay is a feature that allows the user to track a Debtors Income and Expenses to determine how much money they have available per month for a Payment Plan.  This can work as a Financial Statement for the Debtor.

Setup of the Ability to Pay module will first need to be completed by your Administrator.  Click here to learn more about setup.

To Use Ability to Pay:

Step 1:  Open up a Debtor that you want to add Financial information for

Step 2:  Click the Action for 'Edit Debtor'

Step 3: Click on the Ability to Pay tab at the bottom of the Edit Debtor box

Step 4:  Enter in amounts for Income and Expenses and the calculation will be displayed of what they have available.

Step 5:  Click OK to save

Step 6:  Review the data on the Debtor from the Ability to Pay tab at the bottom of the Debtor


Print a letter for Ability to Pay   a letter can be created with the data from the ability to pay for the debtor to sign, similar to a financial statement.  Merge fields are available for each of the Ability to Pay fields under Define Letters.  Once a letter is defined it can be applied in the Ability to Pay Setup area.

To print the letter:

Step 1: Navigate to Operations..Debtor...Print Ability to Pay
Step 2: The letter defined will be printed immediatley

***This can also be setup to happen automatically through a workflow event.

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