Debtors are the people, or companies, that owe money to your department. Revenue Results keeps your debtor information organized and has the functionality to help you keep your information up to date.

Debtor Types
There are two types of debtors: Individuals and Companies. Individuals and Companies are treated the same for the purposes of collecting, but they have different demographic information. For example, an Individual has a Social Security Number while a company has a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). The debtor screens in Revenue Results reflect the different types of demographic information.

Entering Debtors
Entering Debtors in the system can be done by Import or Manually.  Manually Entering Debtors is an easy process. Click the New Debtor button in the Actions Bar and fill in the necessary information.

*Note* While you are entering a new debtor on the system, Revenue Results is searching the database to automatically match the information you are entering to a debtor already on the system. When a possible match is found it displays in the Automatically Matched Debtors section of the screen. If one of the debtors that displays is the same person you are entering, select it and click Next. There is no need to finish entering the information. If there is no correct match, continue entering the information you have.

Edit Debtors
It is important in your collection efforts to have the most up to date information about the debtor at all times. If a new debtor moves or changes their phone number, adds a new contact, or adds a new account, you need to edit the debtor information. This is as simple as clicking the Edit Debtor button and filling in the necessary information.

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