Refer to Collector

A collector has the ability to refer a debtor to another collector; and then receive the debtor back after the debtor has been worked by the other collector.

Referring a Debtor To Another Collector

Step 1: With a debtor open, click “Refer to Other Collector” in the Action Panel.

Step 2: Select the collector to send the debtor to from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Enter a reason for the referral in the “Reason” text box, or select a pre-defined reason from the drop-down list.

NOTE: User may only enter free form text if “Allow an empty value in the editors” is selected in the “Define Code Types” setup screen.

Step 4: Click “Send Referral”.  The system adds the debtor to the selected collector’s Work List; and adds a note to the debtor using the reason entered in the dialog box.


Sending a Referred Debtor Back to the Original Collector

Step 1: Navigate to View > Work List View.

Step 2: Select a referral Work list.  The Work list will have the word “Referral” in the name of the list.

Step 3: In the lower “Work list details” pane, right-click the debtor you want to remove from the list and select “Send Back To Referring Collector”.

NOTE: The debtor has to be worked before the system will allow a user to send the debtor back to the referring collector.

Step 4: Click “OK” to close the confirmation dialog box.

The system adds a note to the debtor regarding the referral process.

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