Print Debtor Ledger

Debtor Ledger Report

This report displays all debits and credits at either the Account or Line Item level, and includes an ending balance after each transaction.  The report can be printed or exported and would be an excellent report to provide to the Debtor if needed.

Step 1: Open A Debtor

Step 2:  Select the Print Debtor Ledger Action item

Step 3:  The report Opens and by default the Transactions are all grouped by Account

Step 4:  Select the options on the left side.  Select which account will be included with check marks

Step 5: Select from 2 report styles: Comprehensive and Line Item

Comprehensive - details per account the transactions

Line Item - details a break down per line item for each account

Step 6:  Select Print to print a hard copy of the report or Right Click to Export the report to Word, PDF, Excel, or HTML

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