Mass Action

This feature allows a user to perform an action to multiple debtors or accounts at one time.

The actions that can be performed are:

  • Delete debtors or accounts
  • Cancel accounts
  • Payment import reversal
  • Populate an account or debtor field
  • Add notes to account or debtor
  • Update next work date/next step
  • Reactivate accounts


Step 1: Navigate to Operations > Mass Action


Step 2: Select the type of Action to perform. Each action has different options, which are viewable upon selecting the option from the drop-down list.


Add Account Note or Add Debtor Note:Add a note at either the account or debtor level upon running the action.

Cancel Accounts:Cancel multiple accounts when they  meet specific criteria.

Delete Debtors:Delete all debtors with the criteria you define. Remember that you cannot delete a debtor that has an account or a payment plan; you need to delete those first, if applicable.

Delete Accounts-Delete all accounts with the criteria you define. Remember that you cannot delete an account that has a payment plan linked to it;you need to delete the payment plan first.

Change Debtor or Account status: Allows you to change the status on a larger group of debtors or accounts using the criteria that you define.

Populate Account or Debtor Field:Select any standard or custom field on the debtor or account and populate it with a new value

Set Next Step/Next Work Date:Set the next work date on a group of debtors to alert collectors of immediate actions on work lists

Payment Import Reversal:If a payment import file has been runincorrectly or too many times, you can mass reverse all payments in the import file

Reactivate Accounts:Reactivate any canceled accounts which meet defined criteria.


Step 3: Select the attributes to set the criteria for the mass action, and define the values for each attribute.

On the right side of the Mass Action window, you have the ability to save or open a previously saved group of attributes.

The  icon allows you to open a saved query parameter, and the  icon allows you to save the query parameters for use in other areas of the system. To learn more about saving attributes for use at a later time, click here.


Step 5: Click Run Query to display your results

Step 6: Select the debtors or accounts to include in your Mass Action by selecting the boxes for the desired debtors. Use the Select All or Unselect all buttons as necessary.

Step 7: Click Perform Actions to process the Mass Action.

Depending on the type of Mass Action you are performing, this could take some time. A dialog box displays during the process as each debtor or account is effected by the action.

You can stop the Mass Action during processing by clicking Stop.

Step 8: When the Mass Action process is complete, click Close to close the Mass Action Progress window.

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