Cancel an Account

Cancelling an Account changes the balance to $0 and changes the Account status to ‘Cancelled’. You can reverse these changes by Reactivating the Account. Cancelling an account is often done if a case will be written off or has become uncollectable.

Step 1: Open the debtor that has an account to cancel. Make sure that you are in the Debtors Folder.

Step 2: Click the Operations > Accounts > Cancel Account.

Step 3: The 'Cancel an Account' dialogue box pops up.

Step 4: Highlight the account(s) that you want to Cancel and select a Cancellation Reason from the drop down list. The Cancellation Reason drop down list is defined by your administrator in the Codes menu. Multiple Accounts can be cancelled at one time.

Step 5: Click Cancel Account(s) to save.

Step 6: The Account status will now be ‘Cancelled’ and the balance will go to $0.

Also, a note will be placed in the Debtor notes.

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