Add a Note to an Account

Manual notes can be added to an account by a user. This will provide the ability to note the information you receive on the account. Here you can manually type the note or select from pre-defined notes entered by your system administrator.

This section includes the following topics:


Adding a note to an account

To add a note to the Account:

Step 1: With a debtor selected, open one of the debtor’s accounts.


Step 2: In the Actions panel, click the Add Note button.


Step 3: To enter note text, do one of the following: 

  • From the Predefined Notes drop-down list, select a predefined note.
  • Tip: When the correct code appears after typing the first couple of letters, pressing Tab will select the code, and place the note in the text box.  The cursor appears directly after the newly inserted note, allowing the quick addition of more text.
  • In the Note Text area, type the note.


Step 4: Select the Add as an important note checkbox to designate the note as important and have it display in the Important Notes section at the top of the Notes screen.


Step 5: To save the note, click Add Note.


Step 6: The note displays in the Account Notes tab with a date, time, and user stamp. Type UN = User Note.

Click the Edit Note icon  to edit the note text, or click the Delete Note  to delete the note from the system. You can delete the note or edit the note text only on the day the note is created.



Creating pre-defined notes

For frequently used notes, you can create a pre-defined (pre-typed) note, and select it from a list when adding a note.

To setup pre-defined Notes:

Step 1: Navigate to Administrator > Other > Define Code Types.


Step 2: From the Code types list, do one of the following:

  • Select Note Text Debtor to create a pre-defined debtor note.
  • Select Note Text Account to create a pre-defined account note.


Step 3: In the Fields area, do the following:

  • To edit an existing field, click the text in the cell, and edit the text.
  • To add a new field, click in an empty cell, and type in the new field name.

Note:The name of the new field appears in the Codes area in the lower portion of the window.

  • To delete a field, select a field, and click the Delete  button.
  • To move a field, select the field, and do the following:
  • Click the Move Up  button to move the field up in the list (the corresponding field moves to the left in the Codes area).
  • Click the Move Down  button to move the field down in the list (the corresponding field moves to the right in the Codes area).


Step 4: In the Other settings area, do the following:

  • Select Allow an empty value in the editors to create an initial empty value in the Predefined Notes drop-down list in the Add Note window.
  • Deselect Sorted in the editors to manually move the note codes with the Move Up and Move Down buttons in the Codes area.

  • From the Display this field in dropdowns drop-down list, select the field to display in the Predefined Notes drop-down list of the Add Note window.


Step 5: In the Codes area, do the following:

  • To edit an existing code, click the text in a cell, and edit the text.
  • To add a new code, do the following:
  • In the Code column, click a cell, and type a code for your note code.
  • In the Description column, type the note code description.
  • In the Text column, type the note text.  This is the actual text that is inserted into the notes file of a debtor or account.
  • Fill out any of your custom fields accordingly.


Step 6: Select Allow editing of existing codes to allow a user to edit the existing codes.


Step 7: Click Save Changes.

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