Accounts are the debts that are owed to your department. Revenue Results provides the tools to manage these accounts and make the most of your collection efforts. Accounts must be associated with at least one Debtor. You can perform the following operations with Accounts: Create, Edit, Cancel, Reactivate and Delete.

A new account can be added to Revenue Results by clicking the New Account button on the Actions sidebar, or by selecting Create New Account from the Edit menu. Most often new accounts are added in the process of adding a new debtor to the system, but they can also be added as part of a batch import.

An account may need to be edited if, for example, an error was made during data entry, or if a new line item needs to be added to the account.

Occasionally your department may decide to no longer collect an account. It may be that it was an error or you may choose to suspend collections for a time to not have the debt show up as a receivable. This can be done by cancelling the debt.

After an account has been cancelled, you may decide to go ahead and pursue the debt. To do this, you need to reactivate the account.

An account can be permanently deleted. However, it is usually better to Cancel the account in case you ever want to be able to Reactivate it.

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