Add the Financial Transaction Tab

The Financial Transaction Tab is a template view that is available on all levels of the product to display a complete financial history. This tab can be added to the Debtor, Account, Victim, and ADAL levels. It provides a history of Initial Line items, Payments, Reversals, Adjustments, and you can view down to the Line item level.

To add the Financial History tab (the steps are the same on any level, but in this example we will add it to the Account):

Step 1: Navigate to Administration > Account > Define Account Templates > View Account

Step 2: Click to add a new tab

Step 3: Type the Name of the tab such as 'Financial Transactions' or 'Financial History'

Step 4: Click  to Edit this tab

Step 5: Select the Special Template View of Financial Transaction View

Step 6: Select which Reference # will display to reference each account: RevQ number, Account Reference 1, Reference 2, or Reference 3.

Step 6: Click Save Changes to save

Step 7: Click Save Changes to save Template changes

Step 8: The Financial Transaction Tab will now display on the Account folder

Financial Transaction Tab View

Click the Expand All/Collapse All buttons to view all details

Click on any Column heading to sort the View by date, type, amount, etc.

Victim Financial Transaction View will display if money is Disbursed or Undisbursed and also lists the name of the Debtor made the payment.


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