Using the Victim Restitution Module

Victim information is stored in the Account folder. A Victim can be associated with only one account, but 1 account can have many victims.

In this section we will discuss:

  • Viewing Victim information
  • Searching for a Victim

Viewing Victim Information-

Account Folder
If a victim has been assigned to a Debtor’s Account you will now see a Victim Tab at the bottom of the Account screen.

Victim Tab

  • This tab contains all the Victim demographic information and Victim Summary of amount owing, Amount Paid, Adjusted, and Disbursed/Undisbursed amount.

Victim Folder
To open the Victim Folder, double click the Victim Name on the bottom of the tab in the Account Folder. You will then see 3 tabs within the Victim Folder

  • Main Information Tab- you will notice more in depth information about the Victim
  • Notes Tab-show the notes specific to the Victim
  • Victim Info Tab- shows more information such as entered date, and last updated.

Operations Menu- Victim Options
The operations menu has a few other useful Victim options
Navigate to Operations < Victim and you will find the following options:

View Victim Financial Transaction History  - same option is available on Victim Actions bar. This will track all financial transactions to the victims account. The report includes: payments, adjustments, disbursements, reversals, and transfers.

Searching for a Victim
In the Search panel you will now have the option to search directly for a Victim

Step 1:Navigate to Search Panel (usually on the left side of the screen, but you can go to View Search Panel if you do not see it). To learn more about Panel placement, click here.

Step 2:Select Search type from Debtor, Account, or Victim.

Step 3:Select Field to search as you do normally

Step 4:The search results will display with Victim on Left and Debtor on the right.

Step 5:Double Click to open the Victim Folder
*this will also open the Debtor folder and the Account Folder related to this Victim.

Define Victim Searches
This area will define the Fields that you would like to use to search for your Victims. In the Victim search you have a default list of fields, but you can rearrange those and add to them.

Step 1:Navigate to Administration > Other >Define Searches

Step 2:Select Victim from the list of choices.

Step 3:Use the arrows to reorder the fields listed as needed.

Step 4: Add additional fields as needed. Click in the field column first to choose from options and then Name column to give it a display name.

Step 5:Click Save Changes to save and this new order or field will be listed in the Search panel.

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