Victim Actions Panel
Here you will see a series of action to perform on this Victim.

New Victim - Manually add an additional Victim to this account. Click here to learn more about manually adding a New Victim.

Edit Victim - Edit any Demographic or Owing information for this Victim
Step 1: Click on Edit Victim on the Victim folder Action Panel

Step 2: Update or add Victim information as needed.

Step 3: Click OK to save. Any changes you have made will immediately be seen on the screen and will show in the Victim Notes tab.


Delete Victim -
In order to delete a Victim you must be logged in as the Administrator password. Also, a Victim must have received the full dis

Add Note - this will add a Note specific to the Victim only. Notes can be seen on the Notes Tab in the victim folder.

Step 1: Click on Add Note

Step 2: Add note and Click OK to save.

Step 3: you will now see your User Note in the Notes tab. Notes are date, time and User stamped.


Spread Payments - spread a previously made payment to be disbursed to the victim. This is also available on the Account Folder Action panel.

Step 1: Click on Spread Payments from Action Panel

Step 2: Select the past payment made by the debtor that you would like to disburse to the Victim. Check mark the selected one, or use Select All/ Select None as needed.

Step 3: Click OK to save. You will now see this amount on Victim folder as Undisbursed. To learn about Disbursing the money to the victim click here.

View Victim Financial History - a report that Owing amount and any payments made to the Victim

Step 1: Click View Victim financial History from Victim Folder Action Panel.

Step 3: Print as needed or Right mouse click to Export the document to another source, such as Word, Excel, HTML or PDF.

Letter Request - Print letters to mail to the Victim. To learn more about setting up a Victim Letter click here.

Step 1: Select Letter Request from the Victim Folder Action Panel.

Step 2: Select the letter you would like to send from the list and the Accounts for this letter. The Victim primary address will be selected by default, and you can also select your printer.

Step 3: Select Print and you will be given the option to Print Now or print Later.

*Print Later will place the letter into the Correspondence Print Queue and you can print this at a later time. To learn more about the Print Queue click here.

Step 4: Click OK

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