Lien Module

The Lien Module allows you to place a lien on a debtor, as well as delete any exiting liens.  

This section contains the following topics:


Adding or editing lien module code types

Installing the lien module in Revenue Results creates two default code types – Bank and Employer. These code types provide the available options for a lien type when creating a lien. You can add new lien types or edit existing lien types to customize lien-creation at your organization.

To add or edit lien module code types:

Step 1: Navigate to Administration > Other > Define Code Types.


Step 2: From the Code types list, select Lien Type. The existing code types display in the Codes area.


Step 3: To add or edit Lien Type codes, do one of the following:

  • To add a new code type, in the Codes area, click an empty cell in the Code column and type the new code name in the cell.

  • To edit an existing code type, in the Codes area, select an existing code and type the new name of the code.
  • To add a new field to the codes, in the Fields area, click an empty cell in the Value column and type the new field value in the cell. The new field displays in the Codes area.

  • In the Other settings area, do the following:

    • Verify that Allow an empty value in the editors is deselected. Since these values are available as options when selecting a lien type, you want to make sure that a blank lien type is not an option.
    • Select Sorted in the editors to have Revenue Results sort the options in the Lien Type drop-down list alphabetically.
    • From the Display this field in dropdowns drop-down list, select the column from the Codes area to display in the Lien Type drop-down list when creating a lien.


Step 4: Click Save Changes.



Configuring lien information viewing for a debtor

To show a debtor’s lien information, the Debtor View template needs configured to display available lien information.

To add lien data to the Debtor View template:

Step 1:  Navigate to Administration > Debtor > Define Debtor Templates > View Debtor.


Step 2: At the bottom of the Define Debtor View Template window, click the Create Template Tab  button.


Step 3: In the Tab name field, type a name for the new tab, and click OK.

Note: A tab name indicating lien information is recommended.


Step 4: Click the Edit  button to edit the template tab.


Step 5: From the Special template view drop-down list, select Debtor Liens View, and click Save Changes.


Step 6: Click Save Changes again.

The new tab will now display any lien information for the debtor.



Creating a lien for a debtor

In order to place a lien on a debtor, you have to select which of the debtor’s accounts to apply the lien to, and designate whether the lien applies to the debtor’s place of employment, or financial institution.

To place a lien on an account:

Step 1: Open the debtor, and navigate to Operations > Debtor > Lien > Create Lien.


Step 2: From the Lien Type drop-down list, select a lien type, depending on the type of lien you are creating.


Step 3: In the Select accounts to add to lien area, select the accounts to include in the total lien amount.


Step 4: In the lower part of the Create Lien window, do one of the following:

  • To create the lien for the debtor’s employer, select the radio button for Employers, and select the employer(s) to lien.

  • To create the lien for the debtor’s bank, select the radio button for Banks, and select the bank(s) to lien.

Note: You typically want the selection in this lower part of the window (Employers or Banks) to match your selection from the drop-down list in Step 2.


Step 5: Click Create Lien. The lien information displays in the debtor’s notes.



Deleting a lien from a debtor

You can delete an existing lien from a debtor.

To delete an existing lien:

Step 1: Open a debtor with a lien against them.


Step 2: Navigate to Operations > Debtor > Lien > Delete Lien.


Step 3: Select the lien(s) to delete, and click the Delete  button.


Step 4: Click Save Changes.


Step 5: At the confirmation prompt (or at the Are you sure you wish to delete this lien? prompt), click OK.

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