Installing Modules

(On-Premise Clients Only)

When a module is purchased from RevQ, a key code will be supplied to unlock that module. Enter the code using your Revenue Results Server software's Plug-in Loader utility. The Plug-In Loader utility is automaticlly installed as part of the server software installation.

To access the Plug-in Loader:

  1. Navigate to: Start > Programs > RevQ > Revenue Results > Server > PlugIn Loader.   
  2. Follow the prompts to enter the provided key code.

All Software as a Service (SaaS) Clients, this will be completed for you.

Main Support Line:

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Chris Stickney (Support) Ext. 5673
Angel Davis (Support) Ext. 5756
Brooks Robinson (Support) Ext. 5748
Kellie Mendenhall (Consultant)      Ext. 5676
Aaron Burge (Installation) Ext. 5710


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