Merge Debtors

The process is used in the case of a debtor that has two (or more) debtor records, and each record has a different account. Determine which debtor to keep, and this action will merge all the accounts, notes, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic information to the correct debtor record, and then delete the old debtor, in one simple step.

Step 1: Search for the debtor and determine which of the duplicate records will be the “source” debtor, or the debtor you want to “keep”.


Step 2: Double-click the selected debtor to open the debtor’s file.

Step 3: With the debtor’s file open, navigate to Operations...Debtor...Merge Debtors.

Step 4: Enter the search parameters used in Step 1, and click “Search”.

Step 5: Select and highlight the debtor to merge “into” the current open debtor.

Step 6: Click “Merge” to merge the two debtors and return to the debtor’s screen; or click “Merge and Do Another” to merge another debtor into the current open debtor.

Step 7: At the confirmation prompt, click “Yes” to merge the debtors.


The debtors are merged.  All accounts, notes, demographic data, addresses, contacts, employment, and anything from the previous debtor is now transferred to the source debtor.

To verify the merge, repeat the search from Step 1, and notice that only the source debtor exists.

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