Keyboard Shortcuts


New Debtor    

Ctrl + D

New Account       

Ctrl + A

New Victim

Ctrl + Alt + V

Edit Debtor  

Ctrl + Shift + D

Edit Account   

Ctrl + Shift + A

Edit Victim

Ctrl + Shift + V

Print Debtor Information  

Ctrl + P   (*while in the Debtor Folder)

Letter Request    

Ctrl + L   (*while in the Debtor Folder)

Next Debtor on List   

Ctrl + O

Enter Payment    

Ctrl + E

Refresh Button


Add Note  

Ctrl + N (depends on which folder you are on)

Switch Between Folders

Ctrl + Tab

Switch to Work list folder

Ctrl + W  

Main Support Line:

All Support Team Members (866) 684-7387
Chris Stickney (Support) Ext. 5673
Angel Davis (Support) Ext. 5756
Brooks Robinson (Support) Ext. 5748
Kellie Mendenhall (Consultant)      Ext. 5676
Aaron Burge (Installation) Ext. 5710


Mailing Address

4400 NE 77th Avenue, STE 100
Vancouver, WA 98662