Workflows allow you to automate several debtor and account actions.  These are events that happen in the background of the system to help make your daily processes even easier.
There are Debtor level workflows and Account level workflows, each with different available Events and Actions.

Terms to Understand:
Event: is something the system is watching for all the time
Action: when the system sees that the Event happened it will trigger an Action
Conditions: work as a block between Event and Action.  Once the event happens, before it triggers the Action it will look at conditions.  If conditions are met it will trigger the action.

Sets (1-6):  Sets are groups of conditions that cause the Action to vary depending on which set of conditions the event matches.
Workflow Examples
Debtor: 1 day after the debtor is entered we automatically want to request a letter mailed to debtor explaining who they will send payment to.

Account: 60 days with no payment we will, change account status, add a $50 fee for no payment, and send letter saying you have charged fee for no payment.
Account: 90 days without payment we want to forward any debtor with a balance higher than $5000 to an OCA.

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