This Administration option configures all of the extras in Revenue Results. 

Auto Adjustment Rules – Define if adjustments to accounts need to happen automatically based on criteria defined

Configuring email-based password resetting - Allows a user to reset their password from the log in screen.

Define Database Maintenance – Setup the rebuilding of indexes weekly to increase performance and speed

Define Note Views- Expand the ability to sort through debtor and account notes by creating note categories

Define Searches – Control the fields that are available in the Search Panel for Debtor, account or Victim.

Define Snapshot – Define the Account types and Collector Bins that will be included in the Snapshot by default

Import Templates – Define the import of data for Debtors, Payments, Adjustments and Victims

Restricted Fields – Define any field that should be restricted from some users view such as SSN

Scheduler Events – Setups automatic scheduled times to import files, export data, mass letter request, run reports, etc.

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