Collector Menu

Configuring the Collector Menu option is important to verify the users access to work their necessary debtors.   Debtors can be divided into multiple Collector Bins which are used to separate the work among staff members.  A common use of Collector Bins is having alpha splits, such as a collector bin for the Debtor last name A-G, H-L, M-R, S-V, and W-Z.   Each collector might be assigned to work a different alpha split and this provides a method to divide the work in the work lists.

The Collector configuration menu displays the how-to of each menu option.   Adding a Collector to the system requires a few steps and understanding each collector menu option is necessary.   The general flow will be as follows:

Collector Bin Setup – Define each bin that the debtors will be placed into

Initial Methodology – Define how Debtors are placed into the Bins when they are initally entered into the system

Collector Setup – Setup up a collector that will be linked to a defined User and assign what bins that collector will have access to

Team Setup – Define if multiple collectors will have access to the same bin as a team

Assign the Primary Collector – if multiple users are responsible for 1 bin the will define who the Primary collector for the bin is

Bin Maintenance – review current bin distribution and reassign debtors to different collector bins with this option

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