Configuring Revenue Results

Configuring Revenue Results correctly to fit your business is an extremely important step. This section of the Training Center provides step-by-step instructions to each menu item in the Standard Administration Menu.   Setup for all optional Modules is found on the Modules Tab.

Configure topics include:

Debtor Menu- Set up of Debtor screens

Account Menu- Set up of Account Screens, Types used in the system, and Interest details

Advanced Debtor Account Linking- Setup of the 3rd level object in the system to link multiple debtors and accounts together, through an additional 3rd level.

Payment Menu- How payments will be handled in the system from allocation to receipts

Correspondence- Define letters that will be used to notify debtors of outstanding debts

Forwarding- Define forwarding to an Outside Collection Agency

Information Providers- Setup of Agencies used for Skip Tracing of Debtors

Workflow- System generated events applying to Debtor or Account

Work Lists- Setup of Task lists for collectors to contact and pursue outstanding debts owed

Collector- Set up Collectors and how they will access the debtors in the system

Organization Setup- Define Global parameters

Other- Define additional aspects of Revenue Results that will affect daily progress

Security- Define Users in the system and access to menu options

Define Code Types- Setup of all drop down Code boxes in Revenue Results.

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