Overpayment Processing Setup

When a Debtor overpays their account it goes to a negative amount and can require a refund to the Debtor.  This involves an Overpayment Process to generate a file of those Debtors that need a refund.  The Overpayment Process will generate a report and automatically post an offsetting adjustment.

To set up Overpayment Processing Location:

Step 1:  Navigate to Administration...Payment...Overpayment Processing Setup

Step 2: Select the Browse Button

Step 3:  Find the file location to save the Refund (Overpayment) file that is created.

Step 4:  Give the file a name and select Comma Seperated file

Step 5:  Select FTP option if you want the file created to go automatically to an FTP or SFTP server.

Step 6:  Click OK to save.

*** To follow the steps to Generate an Overpayment file, click here.

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