Define Payment Receipts

Define Payment Receipts creates a receipt to print at the time of payment. It allows you to create a payment receipt in Microsoft Word and input merge fields into the receipt.

Payment Receipts involves a few steps:

  • Create the Receipt in Word
  • Enable Receipt Printing in Organization Setup
  • Post a payment and print a receipt

Create the Receipt in Word

Step 1: Navigate to Administration > Payment > Define Payment Receipts

Step 2: The Define Receipts dialog box opens. Click  to create a new receipt.

Step 3: Enter the new receipt name in the receipt name field and click OK.

Step 4: Click the Settings tab at the bottom of the window.

  • Choose to give letter a description
  • Choose printer to use for this letter
  • Choose how many copies you would like to print at time of payment.
  • Check to ‘create receipt without printing’. This will generate a receipt number for the records, but will not actually print a copy when a payment is made.

Step 5: Click Merge Fields tab

  • Highlight the fields needed and click arrow to move to right

  • Use + signs to open each of the Merge field Trees to find the needed fields. Move a whole group by clicking on the Group name and use the arrow to move to the right, or click on a single field and use arrow to move to Selected merge field area.

Step 6: Click Launch Word to create the Receipt

  • In Word you want to verify you see the Merge Fields menu bar

(In Word 2003 - View < Toolbars < Mail Merge.)

(In Word 2007- Navigate to Mailings Tab at top, then Insert Merge Field)

  • Create your receipt as you would like it to look when printed
  • Click Insert Merge Fields on your Tool Bar
  • Highlight and Insert fields where you need them in the document
  • Save Word document and Close Word

**Always to a SAVE, Not Save As! You want the document to remain the same name you created in Revenue Results to save properly in the product.

  • Step 7: Click OK on the Revenue Results receipt box to save

Enable Receipt Printing in Organization Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Administration > Organization Setup > Global Settings Tab > Payments area.

Step 2: Click the Payments and Receipts menu item from the menu on the left-hand side of the Organization Setup window.

Step 3: Click to select “Enable the printing of payment receipts” and choose the default receipt from drop down list.

Step 4: Click Save Changes to save.



Post a payment and print a receipt

Step 1: Right-click in a debtor’s folder and select Enter Payments.

Step 2: Receipts print automatically when making a payment if Enable receipt printing is selected. This setting is enabled by default.  Uncheck Enable receipt printing to turn off automatic receipt printing for this transaction. 

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