Define Payment Custom Fields

Define payment custom fields to input specific Payment level information.  The custom fields display on the Enter Payments Box.  

Payment Custom Fields involves a few steps:

  • Create the Payment Custom Fields
  • Input data into Payment Custom Fields
  • Use of Payment Custom fields

 Step 1:  Navigate to Administration > Payments > Define Payment Custom Fields

Step 2:  The Custom Fields dialog box will open

Step 3:  Type the Custom field name in Display Name field

Step 4: Select a Type of field.

    • String: any grouping of #’s or letters, with a maximum # of characters determined in maximum column (50 is default).
    • Code: will give you a list of Code types. Remember code types will provide you with a drop down list, and you will see any Custom Codes you have established.
    • Float: numbers with decimals (not $)
    • Integer: number with no decimals
    • Date: will put numbers entered into date format with calendar
    • Money: numbers you add will be in $ format

Step 5: Input as many fields as necessary to use in the Enter Payments box

Step 6:  Use Arrows on the side to order the fields.  The Order the fields are displayed in this screen will be the order they appear on the Enter Payments box.

Step 7:  Click OK to save.

Input data into Payment Custom Fields

Select Enter Payment action on the Debtor.  Notice the Custom Fields created and displayed in the order they were listed in the Define Custom Fields box.

Use of Payment Custom fields

Payment Custom fields are used in a few different areas of the product

  • Notes
  • Searching
  • Merge Fields for receipts
  • Fields in the database to Create Custom Reports

Notes- Any data entered into a Payment Custom field will be populated in the Debtor notes with the payment information.

 Searching- Payment Custom fields can be added to the Search panel.  This allows the ability to search for a Debtor using the information placed in these fields.

  1. To add to the Search Panel, go to Administration > Other > Define Searches
  2. Payment Custom Fields are avaible on the Debtor level search
  3. They will be called PCF.xxxxxx(name you have given)

Merge fields for Receipts
All Payment Custom fields are available as Merge fields for receipts.

Step 1:  Navigate to Administration> Payments > Define Payment Receipts > Merge field tab

Step 2:  Click + sign on Payment and + sign on Custom Fields.

Fields in the database to Create Custom Reports

If you are using the tables in our database to create Custom Reports than Payment Custom fields are found in the Custom Fields table.  The Custom Fields table holds Account, Debtor and Payment Custom Fields. 

The difference between the 3 is the For Target column. 
Payment Custom fields, the ForTarget points to the Financial Transaction ID
Debtor Custom fields, the ForTarget points to the Debtor ID

Account Custom fields, the ForTarget points to the Account ID

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