Restricted Fields

Restricted fields are those fields in the system that cannot be viewed by all users.
The screens show as an ********* on the Debtor or Account folder, instead of the value.    For example: Social Security Number is a common restricted field

  • Define which field is Restricted
  • Define which user will be able to see the Restricted fields

To Define a Restricted Field:

Step 1: Navigate to Administration < Other < Define Restricted Fields.

The Define Restricted Fields dialogue box will pop up

Step 2: Select Account or Debtor.

Step 3: Click in the field column and select from the drop down list the field that is to be restricted.

Step 4: Go to the next row and select another field to be restricted, or click OK to save the restrictions.

To remove a field restriction

Step 1: Click Administration < Define Restricted Fields.

Step 2: Select the field from which to remove the restriction.

Step 3: Click Delete.

Step 4: Click OK to save the changes.

Define which user can view the Restricted fields

Step 1:  Navigate to Administration < Security < Define user

Step 2:  Highlight User and click the Security Tab

Step 3:  Check Mark if the user has permission to view restricted fields. 

A User who cannot see Restricted fields will see this in search results:

And this on the View Screen:

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