Select Database and Organization When Logging On

 Step 1:Navigate to Administration > Other > Organizations.


Step 2:The default organization that was entered at client/server install displays and cannot be deleted.  Click the ‘+’ icon to add a new organization.

 Step 3: In the New Organization Connection window, type a Server Name or IP address, and an Organization Name, and click Test.

The system contacts the server and organization names given, and checks to see if the Organization name exists.

NOTE:  The username and password are not passed. This is only a spot check to see if the organization name exists.

Step 4: The system displays either a Pass or Fail indication, depending on whether the logon credentials are valid or not.  Click OK to close the box.

Step 6: If the connection test was successful, click ‘Add’ to add the connection to the list. If the test failed, you will have to re-enter the credentials and test again.


 Step 7: After you click ‘Add’, the Manage Organizations window displays the new Organization and Server name.

Step 8: Click ‘Save Changes’ to save the settings to the system. To switch to the new organization, you will have to exit Revenue Results and log back in.  You can select the desired organization from a pull-down menu.

Step 9: After selecting the desired organization, enter the username and password for the organization and click ‘OK’.  This will log you into the new organization and the related database.

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